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Kaula yoga: let every cell of your body meditate


Traditional Kaula Yoga is a meditative and balancing form of yoga that teaches every cell in your body to relax and meditate. The asanas (yoga postures) are gentle yet firm and challenging, leading to a practice beyond competition and physical appearance but into a meditative experience. You will learn to follow your intuitive body awareness and not focus on external standards – not in yoga and not in everyday life. With regular yoga practice, you integrate serenity and intuitive awareness into daily life, and you will get a wholesome perspective of yourself and your environment, and with that, you will respond intelligently instead of reacting from stress, past mistakes or past experiences.

Movement is an inherent part of my life. It allows me to feel free and develop more quality-relationship with me and people around. I am professional aerialist and yoga lover and I just came back from Thailand, where I finished my Yoga Teacher Trainings (Kaula & Aerial yoga). I would love to share with you my yoga experience - so are you ready to drop your consciousness mind and let your body meditate? :)
Info about Ivana (teacher) ➡️

Price: 180,-
Duration: 60 mins
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